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Stefan Struve Says He Doesn’t Consider Retirement an Option

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Just recently we learned that UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition, putting his career in serious jeopardy. Dana White believes it is enough to keep him out of the cage for good, but Struve isn’t giving up.

While being examined for a broken jaw, Struve was diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and enlarged heart. In conjunction, it’s enough to make heavy exercise a serious health risk for the 25 year old fighter. Struve’s doctor has put him on a medication regiment while they monitor the condition for the next two months.

While Struve and his camp have remained optimistic, Dana White said he, “honestly [doesn’t] think [Struve] ever will” return to the octagon.

Struve begs to differ however, and in a recent tweet, stated that, “I DON’T consider retirement as an option, it’s possible 2 come back from this & I’m gonna go for that & make it work! Just so you know ;)”

Despite his young age, Struve is a longtime UFC presence. Since making his UFC debut in 2009, he’s racked up nine wins in the promotion en route to a 25-6 record. He most recently lost via TKO to Mark Hunt, but prior to that had managed a four fight winning streak that placed him as high as #10 in some rankings.