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Revisited: Sakuraba Loses Ear In Ring *Graphic*


Kazushi “The Gracie Hunter” Sakuraba has been victim to more harsh beatings in his career than most other fighters out there. At one point he was considered one of the best in the world, and he will always be acknowledged as a legend in the sport, but it seems the Japanese fighter’s career is coming to an end. Despite experiencing vicious finishes across his career, one semi recent loss stands out on its own due to the sheer brutality on display.

Two minutes into his bout with Marius Zaromskis, Sakuraba shot for a typical double leg. As his ear made contact with his opponent, the friction caused it to tear and almost completely fall off, forcing the ringside doctor to end the fight.

Saku Ear


It is always sad watching a fighter who was once a legend completely, and literally, fall apart in the ring. Kazushi Sakuraba has always been known for his extreme heart and unique fighting style that he brings to the game of MMA. When the Gracie family was on top of the world, it was Kazushi who hunted them down one by one, obtaining four wins over the best Gracies who were fighting at the time. He is also known to be a fighter who never gives up, and has many epic come from behind finishes of fighters who completely decimated him for the majority of each match. With his body so weathered from taking damage in the ring for almost 18 years straight, nobody can blame the man when he hangs his gloves up. Sakuraba has nothing left to prove.