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UFC: For The Love Of God, End The Ultimate Fighter’s Misery


Enough is enough. The show was a fantastic way to show the entire world what MMA really was, and what it took to be an elite athlete. It helped get the UFC to where it is today.  By engaging a younger audience and turning MMA itself into and the UFC brand specifically into a household name for a whole generation of teenagers and young adults.   It even used to supply the UFC with a good amount of fresh talent, some of which went on to become champions and some of whom are still contenders to this day.  It is agreed, Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar might have very well been the fight that saved the UFC from fading into obscurity, but that was then and this is now.

Season 18 of TUF has begun and along with it came a campaign full of cat calls and gouging remarks between the two coaches (Ronda and Meisha).  Many believe it got stale around season 7 and some people completely tuned out around season 10.  With the exception of a special season starring a certain famous street fighter known as Kimbo Slice, and another starring a notorious WWE wrestler AKA Brock Lesnar it’s been quite awhile since an Ultimate Fighter winner has truly accomplished anything significant in the UFC.   Other than Roy Nelson who was bound for the worlds largest promotion anyway examples like the recent performance of Uriah Hall show there is a difference behind what happens during a season on TUF and what is required to be an elite athlete in the UFC.

Of course the UFC hasn’t neglected the production, they revamped the show, added coaches, challenges, new production elements including live fights, and even recently female contestants.  Yet it all seems to be producing little to no results.  It might seem at times they’ve been performing CPR on the show for almost 5 years now, and they’re not getting any talent out of it. With additional pro-fights scheduled back to back with TUF on Wednesday evenings they just may be over-saturating the fans and the airwaves with a product that’s just gone stale. If this season doesn’t make a big come back then it’s likely time to acknowledge that people are just getting sick of it. Perhaps they should let it die with some dignity.

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Adam Brennan
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