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Olympic Wrestling Could be Gone Forever


On September 8th, 2013, the OIC will officially decide if wrestling, arguably the first sport in human history and one of the oldest Olympic sports ever, will keep its place in the Olympics.

This February, the International Olympic Committee (OIC) had announced its plans to remove wrestling from the Olympics.  Since then, Olympic wrestling has been in a state of purgatory for the past 7 months.

The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC in Olympia.  The Olympics were a time when even Greek city states that were hostile to one another would set aside their differences for the sake of competitive sports and compete with one another by participating in a variety of athletic competitions.

Wrestling was introduced into the Olympics in 708 BC.  The games have come a long way since that time, but wrestling has always remained a strong part of Olympic sport culture.  The sudden decision of the OIC to eliminate wrestling entirely from the Olympics is due to a new policy with the philosophy that certain sports in the Olympics have higher priority than others: Core sports versus non-core sports.

Wrestling was among one of the 26 core sports, but as of February 12th, 2013, the OIC voted that it should no longer be classified as such.  Their justification was that there should only be 25 sports considered among its core, hence, among the 26 other core sports, wrestling was the one chosen to be removed.

If this official measure is approved, wrestling will be pitted against 7 other non-core sports for its existence in the 2020 Olympics.  Those 7 include: karate, wakeboarding, squash, climbing, roller sports, wushu and baseball.

The wrestling community and even those outside the sport have been outraged by the OIC’s decision.  Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do except wait until September 8th. SciFighting will keep its readers up to date as soon as a decision has been reached. Let us know how you feel about wrestling’s place in the Olympics in the comments section below.