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*Warning* Graphic Photo: Gruesome Injury Delays Bellator “Fight Master” Finale


With under a week before the “Fight Master” finale, Bellator has been forced to postpone the scheduled fight between Joe “Diesel” Riggs and Mike Bronzoulis due to a gruesome injury sustained during training.

Per a report from Sports Illustrated, Joe Riggs suffered a partial orbital bone fracture and detached retina as a result of an accidental injury. He told the publication that “my sparring partner threw a high kick and I blocked it, but his toe went through my headgear. I was in horrible pain, and they had to pry my eye open to see the damage. I can be ready [to fight] in October or [on] Nov. 2, if they need me.”

Riggs is a gritty veteran in the fight game, and his primary concern was letting people know that it was a severe injury that pulled him from the bout. He took to twitter this morning to show everyone just how bad his eye was damaged, and it’s not for the faint of heart.


The injury removes Riggs and Bronzoulis from Saturday’s Bellator 98, but as Riggs suggested it does free up the promotion to add this matchup to their pay-per-view debut in November. Bellator 98 will feature middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko defending his title against late injury-replacement Brett Cooper. Stay tuned as we bring you updates on Riggs’s condition.