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Josh Barnett’s Future in the UFC


Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett had not fought in the UFC for the past 16 years, so he had a lot to prove coming into this fight with Frank Mir.

Most MMA fans expected a technical grappling match between the two heavyweight submission specialists, but many were surprised to see an aggressive Barnett impose a different strategy on Mir.

Barnett wasted no time in bullying Mir to the fence, and pounding him with punches and knees until eventually dropping him with a right knee to the former UFC champion’s temple.  It was all knees from the muay thai clinch, and dirty boxing up against the cage from Josh Barnett.  This latest beating puts Mir on a 3-fight losing streak.

Although Barnett made quick work of Mir in less than two minutes of the first round, his place in the UFC heavyweight division still raises a lot of eyebrows.  Barnett is 35 years-old and made beating Mir look relatively easy, but Mir isn’t exactly at the peak of his career.

The question is: Where does Josh Barnett stand in the UFC heavyweight division?  Barnett has managed to keep his seat in the top 10 rankings even after the death of PrideFC, but the UFC heavyweight division is stacked right now.  It’s not the same division in which he fought in 2002 when he took Randy Couture’s belt and it’s certainly not the same as Pride’s heavyweight division.

Can Barnett make a serious run for the UFC heavyweight title?  How does Barnett stack up against younger heavyweight top contenders like Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez?

SciFighters, let us know where you think Barnett currently ranks, and who you would like to see him face off with next!