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UFC: Dana White Says Palelei vs. Krylov Was ‘Embarrassing’ and ‘Sloppy’


While every PPV event is going to have its share of disappointing fights, it seems UFC president Dana White is especially peeved by one particular UFC 164 match up. Soa “The Hulk” Palelei vs Nikita “Al Capone” Krylov started off entertaining enough, but by the second round, had turned into a back alley brawl, with both fighters throwing technique out the window.

“You don’t want to hear my thoughts on that fight,” UFC President Dana White said at a post-event media event. “That fight was embarrassing.”

“This is the UFC,” he continued. “You shouldn’t see that. Guys should be in shape. But again, it was an entertaining fight. It ended with a knockout. Guy took big shots. It was just an embarrassing fight. You shouldn’t see a sloppy fight like that in the UFC.”

While the first round started off strong, both competitors tired quickly, spending much of the match trying to catch their breath. Eventually, it seemed Krylov more or less gave up, going to the mat and simply covering up as Palelei threw half hearted punches. Finally, referee Al Wichgers stepped in to stop the fight at 1:34 of the third round.

“We’ve seen the UFC jitters – adrenaline dumps,” White added. “I mean a lot of things happen when you get to the big show. I don’t know what happened to those two. Was it an entertaining fight? Yeah, it was an entertaining fight, but it was sloppy, and it looked like Toughman to me. They’re just not at this level.”

“It was embarrassing,” White concluded. “What do you think would happen to either one of those guys in the heavyweight division?”

With his recent victory, Soa advances his win streak to nine in a row. He is now 1-1 in the UFC, although his first bout came way back in 2007. Krylov is now 0-1 in the UFC, and 15-3 overall.