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Bellator Champion Ben Askren Asks for a Fight with Carlos Condit

(Ben Askren in his Bellator MMA days)

Despite the fact that he hasn’t signed anything, it seems Ben Askren is very antsy to get out of Bellator and make a move to the UFC. Over the past few weeks, he’s been talking up his potential career in the promotion, including nominating himself as a replacement opponent against GSP if Johny Hendricks becomes injured.

Now Askren is asking for a bout with #2 welterwight Carlos Condit, saying that he likes the way he fights, although cheekily adding that Condit stands no chance against his style.



Askren began talking about a possible career in the UFC after Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney revealed that his promotion was unlikely to pursue a contract renewal with their welterweight champion. The undefeated Askren has dominated his division for over three years, making that a very strange decision on the part of Bellator, but a great acquisition for the UFC if they decide to make an offer.

Despite his 12-0 record and Bellator title though, a fight with Carlos Condit (and by extension GSP) might be too big of an initial leap for Askren. He’s generally ranked near the bottom of the top ten by most publications, due mostly to the relatively low level of competition in Bellator as compared to the UFC.

Still, with no losses in his career, it’s tough to gauge just how big of a challenge the 29 year old fighter is ready for. If the UFC does decide to bring him on board, it could provide a unique opportunity for them to test the mettle of their top contenders against a dominant Bellator champion. If that’s the case, perhaps a bout with Condit is not too farfetched.