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Mayhem Miller Speaks Out On Twitter: “I am a simple Monkey”


Jason “Mayhem” Miller is once again finding himself at the center of some controversy, having been arrested and subsequently sent to court over a domestic violence charge. This is the second time he has been jailed in just a three week period. Mayhem is adamant that he is innocent though, and broke his silence on the matter over Twitter.



Without context, it’s tough to understand exactly what Miller is referring to here, but it certainly sounds like he is referring to the allegations made against him. We can only hope that the truth of the matter comes out in time, and that if he is innocent, he will be able to put all of this behind him soon.

We have previously covered Mayhem’s initial arrest, along with developments inside the courtroom, and we will continue to bring you updated information as it becomes available. This latest string of tweets follows a turbulent few weeks for the former-UFC star, and his next court appearance on September 9, 2013 will determine whether the District Attorney’s office chooses to move forward with the charges. Stay tuned.