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Payback or Poor Sport? KOTC Fighter Holds Choke, Throws Post-Fight Punch


In a move that will certainly net him a fine and suspension, King of the Cage heavyweight Tony Lopez decided to make things personal in last night’s bout against Andenilson Clementino. Aaron Tru from MMA Prime brings us this interview, in which Lopez described the events leading up to his actions. KOTC officials will likely have a different take on things.

Let us know what you think. Is his “payback” justified, or is this behavior just unacceptable?

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  • Joey

    That’s not right. No promotion should hold on to a fighter willing to say something like that “people say it’s a sport but it’s a fight first”. That’s part of the mentality that keeps the big money away and keeps the mainstream from completely embracing MMA. He emberassed himself and the entire MMA community with that statement and with that behavior.