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SciFighting EXCLUSIVE: Mayhem Miller Returns to Court, Gives First Public Statement to SciFighting

(Photo Via www.datuopinion.com)

It has been a tumultuous few weeks for Jason Mayhem Miller, and this morning he appeared in court once again in relation to allegations of domestic violence.

Yesterday we brought you the police reports that were released to our publication following his arrest, revealing that Miller was initially detained on August 10, 2013 a full week after the incident of violence allegedly took place. Additionally, his second arrest on August 23, 2013 was due to a bench warrant being issued, not due to another separate incident of violence. There are still many missing pieces to the story, but the events surrounding his arrest are slowly coming together.

In court this morning, Miller arrived with his usual flair, wearing a puffy neon green vest over a red button down shirt, and a leopard-print cloth tied to his wrist. He wasn’t afraid to speak to his fellow defendants during recess, at one point chiding a young man to stay away from prison and reminding him of some of the more colorful things that happen in jail. As time went on, Miller chose to pull out a copy of J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” to pass the time until his case was heard. When he was finally given the opportunity to speak with the judge, he was professional in his answers but anxious to settle the allegations against him. His next hearing date will be September 9, 2013, at which time the district attorney’s office will determine whether or not there is enough evidence to seek a conviction.

We were able to speak with Miller during one of the recesses allowed by the court, and he agreed to give us a public statement regarding his legal situation. He relayed to us the following message:

“This is a private family matter, and I ask the press to respect my and the alleged victim’s privacy.”

It’s appears there may be more to the allegations than meets the eye. The police weren’t called until a week after the actual alleged attack took place. Police were not immediately dispatched to arrest Miller, but put him in custody after they responded to reports of a loud house party at the premises of one of his neighbors. We have also spoken to an anonymous source who proclaimed that this is not the victim’s first time being involved in a domestic dispute and that source believes that as more facts come to light Miller will be exonerated of all charges.

We at SciFighting certainly respect the privacy of all parties involved, and we only seek to be an avenue for accurate and up to date information. We hope that the case is resolved in a just and fair manner. Stay tuned as we bring you further information as this story develops.