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UFC: Abel Trujillo Will Be Awarded His Win Bonus, Despite a No Contest


In one of the more unfortunate moments of UFC Fight Night 27, Abel Trujillo ended his fight with Roger Bowling via a series of knees, the last of which was deemed illegal after the fight. The match was ruled a no contest, leaving neither fighter with a win on his record.

UFC president Dana White believes the illegal strike was accidental though, and has awarded Trujillo his win bonus.

“Those shots were not illegal,” White said at the post-event press conference. “The first one hit him in the chest, and the second hit him in the shoulder.”

The blows came with only three seconds left in the second round, and Bowling was unable to continue afterwards. Referee Rob Hinds made the controversial call to rule the bout as a no contest.

Trujillo maintains though that both of the knees were to the chest, and the follow up punch was what ended the fight.

“Both of those knees were legal,” Trujillo explained after the fight. “I saw he was breaking, and I hit the second knee at the top of his chest. The punch is what really hurt him. He acted his way to a no contest.”

While White can’t overturn the ref’s decision, he is doing the one thing he can to make the situation better.

“That kid should’ve won that fight, and I’m going to pay him his win bonus,” White said.