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UFC: Dana White Doesn’t Care For Vitor Belfort Enough To Risk Him Cheating In Brazil


For the past year or so there has been a never ending barrage of criticism from the Mixed Martial Arts community towards Vitor Belfort for his use of testosterone replacement therapy. The idea is that it gives him an unfair advantage, and essentially he is “cheating” legally. Many of these critiques come from the fact that Vitor has only been fighting in Brazil recently, where the commission is more lenient on Belfort’s medication. There are even conspiracy theories going around that say the UFC is hiding Vitor in Brazil so that he can continue to fight the way he does.

More than anybody else, Dana White is sick of these accusations and finally bursted out with a statement, saying “There is no way in f—–g hell I would let Vitor Belfort stay in Brazil if he was cheating down there. There is a commission there that oversees what we do down there too, it’s not run by us. Vitor Belfort is being tested, and Vitor Belfort is within the limits he’s supposed to be when he fights.”

Obviously the UFC would not risk everything they have worked for so that a single fighter who is not even a champion could continue to look impressive. The much more practical answer to why Vitor would continue to fight in Brazil is because he is a huge draw there. Dana continued to rant angrily on the subject, stating “Vitor doesn’t pick where he fights. He tries to pick who he fights, but he doesn’t choose where he fights. We put him down there. First of all, the second most important media that we’re in business with is Globo. Globo is very important. They have a big fight it’s going to be on Globo, and they want f—–g Vitor. So they want Vitor, they’re going to get Vitor. Vitor Belfort is not cheating, Vitor Belfort is not not being tested. You think that we would lie about that and risk the credibility of the sport, the UFC as a brand, so that Vitor Belfort can fight in f—–g Brazil and cheat?”

So there you have it. All conspiracy theories aside, these answers are much more practical. The UFC is not hiding Vitor Belfort in Brazil so that he can cheat, but rather so that he can But Belfort may have some trouble in the future fighting outside of Brazil on TRT as the US commissions are cracking down on it’s use. But that is a headache for another day SciFighters!