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UFC: Josh Barnett Trashes Ben Askren, “Go F–k Yourself”


Even the two weight classes between them couldn’t stop UFC’s Josh Barnett and Bellator’s Ben Askren from a war of words on Twitter, quickly escalating to actual threats.

Bellator’s reigning welterweight champion, Ben Askren, just had to go out of his way to try and drag Barnett’s name through the mud when he took to twitter to announce “Love how the UFC 164 Countdown show glanced over the fact Josh Barnett tested positive for 3 banned substances after Couture fight.” This was blatantly a shot taken at a higher profile fighter in order to boost his own recognition. Fortunately, it did not take Barnett long to respond to the troublemaker, stating “Did I piss in your cheerios or something or do you just like the view from your high chair? Have fun in obscurity. I won’t even acknowledge VADA. They’re entirely agenda driven and that agenda is NOT sport.” A very mature response from Barnett, who has not tested positive for banned substances in the past four years.

Barnett’s response should have been the end of the conversation, but it took off in a new direction later when Askren responded “I know it doesn’t matter to you, but I can look at myself in the mirror and be ok with choices. In 20 years you will have a very hard time doing the same.” As if Askren knows insider information on the complications surrounding Barnett’s decisions and issues.

Finally though, Barnett put the nail in the coffin, replying “Hardly. I lose no sleep at night in the least. You on the other hand have to judge and throw stones just to be relevant. It must feel terrible knowing that without casting insults my way, nothing you say matters. You’re nearly invisible. Rough life. Lastly, go f–k yourself you high & mighty prick. If you want to be famous, just come run your mouth next time you see me.”

I really don’t know what Ben Askren was thinking when he responded to “The Warmaster.” He goaded him with “Maybe we will end up in the same locker room Saturday :)” As if he could do anything about it. Barnett has 80 pounds on the welterweight, and his strength is grappling just like Ben Askren. If anything, we’ll be hearing about a welterweight getting beat up backstage by a large heavyweight come Saturday night. Things might get bumpy SciFighters, hold on tight.