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EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Pride and UFC Fighter Allan Goes Shares His Thoughts on New-School MMA, GSP, BJ Penn, Chael Sonnen, and More


As I sat before the old guard badass that is Allan Goes, I couldn’t help but admire the way that he carried himself. He was one of the pioneers in this sport, and earned a third generation black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Carlson Gracie by the time he turned 18 years old. His very first fight was a 1995 draw with Frank Shamrock for crying out loud. These days, he operates his own gym out of Mission Viejo, California, looking to breed the next generation of talent. It quickly became apparent that him and I had a lot to talk about.

Allan Goes, on his relationship with Carlson Gracie
“My relationship with Carlson was like father and son. I basically grew up in Carlson’s gym. Carlson took me under his wing when I was about 11 years old in the early 80s. I was a kid from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro. I did my first training with Carlson, and fell in love with jiu-jitsu.  I learned how to defend myself, and since then I have served Carlson my whole life.”

On rumored falling out with Carlson Gracie
“No, me and Carlson never did fall out. The fallout was between Brazilian Top Team and Carlson. I was right in the middle trying to work between Brazilian Top Team and Carlson. I tried to keep everybody together on one team. Carlson was a great master, a great mentor, but he kept treating everybody like they were little kids, even when they were men paying their own bills, having their own children. Murilo Bustamante and Ricardo Liborio offered Carlson a percentage of the team, to not even do anything and just be the big name representing us. The offer was 10%,  and Carlson said no, I want 20%. These guys were fighting over stupidity. The sport was taking a turn, and now you’d have to pay everybody. the boxing coach wanted 10%, the jiu-jitsu coach wanted 10%, everybody wants 10%, But Carlson wanted 20%. I was right in the middle trying to make an intervention, but they were very stubborn. Murilo was very stubborn, but it was convenient for them because they started to make money without Carlson. It was the greed between these guys that turned them in the end. That’s why I kind of stepped out of the team, I said ‘guys I’m out of this.’  I’m not saying they were right, or Carlson was wrong. During this time. There was also the dispute of Carlson training our opponents of the past, like the Luta Livre  guys. They were very good, there’s nothing wrong with those guys. But the thing is, they were our enemy of the past, why should I train with them in the present day?”

On the difference between old-school and new-school fighters
“Back in the day we didn’t fight for money man. These guys fight for money right now. We fought for the honor of jiu-jitsu. To me, jiu-jitsu is the mother, the father, and the holy spirit. I would live and die for jiu-jitsu. Tomorrow, if you tell me I have to die for jiu-jitsu, that’s my ultimate commitment and I will do it. jiu-jitsu Today? jiu-jitsu doesn’t need that anymore. Today it has already proven to be the best martial art. Josh Barnett just said that fighters all fight for money now, and this is 100% fact. At the same time, there is nothing bad with this.Today is a show business. For us it was about honor and protecting the code, protecting the legacy.”

On what it means to be a warrior
“These guys these days, they need 10 week training camps. Dude, if a guy comes and knocks on your gym and says “hey, I’m gonna’ kick your ass”, are you gonna say “hey can you come in 10 weeks? In ten weeks I’m gonna be ready for you.” What is that? That’s the difference of the guys back in the day and the guys today. The guys back in the day are ready any time. We were born ready. We train everyday, we have good nutrition everyday. You are not a warrior on occasion. You wake up warrior, you die warrior. I don’t like it. In the fights these days guys just hold you and hold you, and throw two punches and look to the clock. That is not a warrior”

On his career, and potential jiu-jitsu matches
“Teaching is an art and a passion, and I love to teach. In terms of my MMA career, I don’t fight MMA anymore, and I never will do it again unless I have a tremendous proposal. In jiu-jitsu, I already sent a challenge to Renzo Gracie, and I’d love to wrap him up. Other than him I’d like a match with Roger Gracie. I would choke Roger Gracie out.”

On Chael Sonnen
“Chael Sonnen is a great guy, I love him man. He is a very smart guy. He knows how to create business.  People should stop taking things personal. I see him as a business man. He’s very smart and knows how to piss off all the Brazilians, and that’s all you need. Why should I hate him? He gets himself into title fights he’s not even supposed to be in.”

On BJ Penn
“BJ is old-school. He was raised by the OG’s in the sport of jiu-jitsu. He doesn’t care. He’s not a samurai every other day. He’s a samurai every single day. He would fight anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

His prediction for Johny Hendricks vs GSP
“St. Pierre is freaking boring man. Take the guy down, do the same thing. But hey, he’s winning, what are you gonna do? GSP is going to win with his same game. His jab that doesn’t hurt anybody and his cross hand that can’t drop even my grandma. He has vicious takedowns and he will hold him down.”

His prediction for Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez
Dos Santos is going to beat him for sure, but we cannot underestimate Velasquez because he is very good.”


We want to send a big thank you to Allan Goes for spending the time with us, and we look forward to speaking with him again in the future. Be sure to let us know what you SciFighters think of the interview!