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UFC: Frank Mir and Josh Barnett Engage in Verbal Warfare


On August 31st, 2013, Milwaukee, Wisconsin will play host to the long awaited bout between heavyweights Josh Barnett and Frank Mir at UC 164. Considered two of the best submission artists in the current game of MMA, this is a fight that should have grappling fans salivating with anticipation.

We can only hope that this fight turns out to be a beautiful grappling match, as opposed to the sloppy standup fights that tend to happen when two ground fighters meet. The men are already raising hype for the fight, calling each other names on the UFC countdown show. Frank Mir started with “to put it as easily as possible, I think he’s a dick. I think he grew up as the fat kid and has a chip on his shoulder still and he kind of dislikes everybody.”

Barnett responded quickly with “what an idiot. If he thinks I’m a dick now, wait until we get in the ring. He’s really gunna think I’m a dick. I don’t know why he thinks I’m a dick, Frank mir has a reputation of people disliking him.”

Frank Mir has made it very evident that he want’s to fight Josh, stating “when I saw that Josh signed with the UFC, I saw it on Tuesday and immediately called to make sure I could get that fight before somebody else did.”

The match between Frank Mir and Josh Barnett is a very significant fight for both men. Frank is going out there to prove that he still belongs on the higher end of the UFC heavyweight roster, and Barnett should be looking to make an example of Mir,  showing that he has what it takes to battle the best the UFC has to offer. No doubt this will be an exciting fight between two fighters who almost never leave it in the hands of the judges.


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