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UFC: Bisping Bashes Everyone, Says He Will Leave Mark Munoz In A Pile Of Piss And Blood


With a record of 15-5, Michael Bisping has been around the UFC for what feels like forever. He has ceaselessly maintained his role as a contender in the middleweight division, but always seemingly finds himself one fight away from a shot at the title.

Never one to bite his tongue, Bisping has a lot to say about almost any fighter you ask him about and he’s unafraid to go against the conventional narrative espoused by promotional figures. When asked of Vitor Belfort by MMAweekly, in a statement that seems to suggest the UFC is protecting Belfort from American athletic commissions, he says “he’s (Belfort’s) chemically enhanced and stays down in Brazil, it’s curious.” A bold statement, considering Dana White just told the media that the UFC is not, in fact, hiding Vitor Belfort in any way, shape, or form.

On the subject of labeling mixed martial artists, Bisping hates being called a “cage fighter.” He reminisces that “before you were kind of looked at as a thug or a cage fighter, now you’re recognized as an athlete. I’m not a cage fighter, I hate that expression.” This rings true for many modern fighters, who prefer to be recognized as athletes. Though he does fight like an athlete, Bisping has always conducted himself like the “cage fighter” he hates being referred to as. When asked to respond to Mark Munoz’s claim that Bisping has pillows for hands, he fired back that “maybe I can give him one of those pillows when he’s lying on the floor in a pile of piss and blood when I’m finished with him”

Though Chael Sonnen has made a career out of this kind of talk, it is still in no way necessary. Who knows if Michael Bisping will ever capture his long awaited title shot. The only thing I can guarantee, is that he will continue to to be loud and vocal for years to come.