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UPDATE: Mayhem Miller Posts Bail, Again (Out $100K)!


Jason “Mayhem” Miller posted bail today, paying a hefty $100K for his temporary freedom.  In our previous article detailing the arraignment proceedings it appeared he would have trouble paying the bail amount, however it seems that was not the case.  According to the OC Sheriff’s department he was released after posting a bond (the amount of which is not disclosed on the website, however we know to be the amount previously ordered by the judge, $100K).

Mayhem Miller On Bail

We were originally tipped to the fact by an anonymous source referring to a status updated on the alleged victim’s FaceBook page.  For reasons of privacy we will not disclose the specific subject matter of the statement, nor any personal details of the alleged victim.

However we can say that the alleged victim was apparently less than pleased with how quickly Jason Miller was able to post bail.  Hopefully he is able to stay out of trouble long enough for his next court date.  If he know’s what’s best for him he’ll adhere to the protective order issued by the district attorney!


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