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UFC: Pettis Not Worried About Ben Henderson Rematch, Says “I beat Ben Henderson once, I’ll do it again”


It seems that Anthony Pettis has nothing to worry about come UFC 164… according to him anyway. Recently he made it apparent to the MMA community that he intends to show his superiority over the 155-pound champ, stating “everything I set out to do when I started training, it is here. Ben is the guy in my way. I beat Ben Henderson once, I can do it again. I deserve to be at the top of the top.”

Not only does Pettis plan on foiling the champions dreams of being the best lightweight ever, he intends to do it by beating him at his own game. Pettis says “he is not one of the guys that you worry about getting knocked out from. Ben Henderson isn’t superior anywhere to me. I feel like I am better than him. I feel like I am the best 155-pounder in the world and I don’t think he is better than me anywhere and I can beat him in his own game.” Bold words from the challenger.

UFC 164 will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is Anthony’s hometown. This doesn’t phase Pettis though, and he’s ready to put on an even more spectacular performance for all of his local fans. Pettis confidently stated “I want to make things happen that no one has seen before. I want the crowd to be involved in the fights. I am that guy who comes off cages and kicks people in the face. I don’t think this is fate or destiny but in my hometown, Ben Henderson and I have a lot of history together. This is going to be a good scrap between the best in the world at 155 lbs. Stand-up area, that is my game. I don’t see anybody in the world that can stand with me and take me out of my game.”

In my opinion, he may be a little too confident in his ability to keep the fight standing with Henderson, who has some of the very best wrestling in the lightweight division. Pettis has lost to a controlling wrestler before in Clay Guida, and Henderson is fantastic at that game. We can only hope that Anthony comes prepared for a wrestling game, and can make the fight exciting. Who knows, we may see a new exciting champion come Saturday. Stay tuned SciFighters.