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UFC: Tim Kennedy Says Belfort and Henderson Need to ‘Fight Clean, Stop Using Steroids’


Tim Kennedy has a strong message for Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson: cut the TRT usage and “fight clean.”

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Kennedy stated that, “The real competition for those two is who is going to have the highest testosterone levels during the fight camp.”

“Just take their testosterone levels from four weeks out, and that’s the winner of the fight, no reason for these guys to even meet in the cage,” he added.

Henderson and Belfort are just two of a growing list of fighters seeking therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

“If you have a guy who can only fight in a scenario where he’s injecting synthetic testosterone into his body, he shouldn’t be fighting,” he said. “This is mixed martial arts – integrity, legacy, discipline – this is not Mark McGwire baseball. He almost killed the sport of baseball. Somebody needs to come to grips this is damaging the sport.”

Kennedy also addressed his previously rumored fight with Vitor Belfort, which Belfort turned down.

“[Vitor Belfort’s] requirement to fight me was to fight me in Brazil,” Kennedy said. “If I get a call to fight, I’m told it’s at this time, at this place and I accept. I don’t go around being like ‘well, I’m only going to fight so and so if we meet in Austin, Texas.’ Fight clean, stop using steroids.”

Tim Kennedy will be facing Lyoto Machida next at UFC Fight for the Troops 3.

Henderson and Belfort meanwhile will be facing off at UFC Fight Night 32 in Brazil.