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Miesha Tate Says ‘9 Times out of 10, We Do It Better than the Boys’


According to Miesha Tate, The Ultimate Fighter 18 coach and women’s bantamweight contender, it’s time for the UFC’s female divisions to shine. According to Tate, “nine times out of 10,” the women’s fights are better.

“Finally, it’s time that we get that recognition,” she said in a video interview with Shoot. “Dana’s finally paying attention and I feel like the rest of the world is finally paying attention, too. I knew if we could just get that first time, watching women’s MMA, that people would be hooked because we always come to fight. We fight really hard and nine times out of 10, we do it better than the boys do.”

Tate will be going up against the current champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 168 on December 28. The pair will be sharing the spotlight with another title fight: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman. The Silva fight might be the one selling tickets, but if Tate is right, maybe it’s not the one we should be getting excited about.