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Michael Bisping Thinks He Could Have ‘Easily’ Beaten Anderson Silva


Michael “The Count” Bisping has been a consistently ranked top ten middleweight, but has so far failed to even take a crack at the title. He’s lost all three of the title eliminator fights he’s had, one to Dan Henderson, another to Chael Sonnen, and again to Vitor Belfort. Still, the 34 year old fighter thinks that if he had gotten a chance to fight the former champion Anderson Silva, he could have “easily” knocked him out.

Addressing Silva’s recent loss at UFC 162, Bisping stated that it was The Spider’s clowning that lost him the fight, not anything particularly special on Weidman’s part.

“Obviously it would always be a dream of mine to fight Anderson Silva and be the guy to take the title, of course,” he said in a sit down interview with MMA Weekly. “Yeah I was a little disappointed and I’m not taking anything away from his win, but we all know Anderson Silva was acting like an idiot and he got knocked out. It would have been nice to be the guy that did it, so congratulations to Chris, he’s the new champion and certainly a formidable force at middleweight, but yeah, it stinks a little. I could have done that. I could have easily done that.”

Bisping will be facing Mark Munoz at a UFC Fight Night event in October. He is currently ranked #5 in the division, so with a few more wins, he may eventually get that title shot.