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UFC: Anderson Silva Promises A New Version Of Himself In Weidman Rematch

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During an interview with Brazilian MMA publication Combate, Anderson Silva reported that he has been in Thailand for a few weeks working on his Muay Thai in preparation for his anticipated rematch with Chris Weidman. Silva is apparently working to recover the essential aspects of martial arts that he has forgotten during his championship reign, and he promises we will see “Spider 2.0” the next time he steps in the octagon.

Silva says that being knocked out changed everything. Come December 28th, 2013, he believes a new version of himself will emerge.  On the subject of his rematch, Anderson confidently states:

“This was the first time in my life and in my career, I was knocked out. I am not at all happy. Shortly after the end of the fight I went to the hotel, and three days later Dana White called me and said that my legacy was very important, and he wanted me back in the Octagon sooner. He said I needed the rematch. I talked to my coach and my family. My coach told me that the rematch was very important, that the fans wanted this fight, it would be a chance for them to see me fighting for the belt. I went to Thailand to train with my teacher. I went to prepare for and recover the energies and revise concepts of martial arts. The new Anderson is coming. You will see”

That sort of statement made by the man himself is music to the ears of his fans around the world, and I believe every word of it. Now we just have to wait until December to find out if his words are true. Until then, SciFighters!

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