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SciFighting Exclusive Mayhem Court Coverage: Miller Says To Judge “I AM AN ARTIST!”


Today, SciFighting sat in on Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s arraignment hearing in Orange County, California, and we’re bringing you exclusive access to all the courtroom drama. Miller’s latest brush with the law was his second domestic violence arrest this month.

The hearing began with Judge Andre Manssourian entering the courtroom. As Miller was brought into the defendant’s cage, he looked wildly around the nearly vacant room with eyes full of confusion. His defense attorney approached him, and Mayhem stressed to her “I need to get out tonight, it’s imperative.” Immediately following the interaction, his hands were photographed to show where his girlfriend allegedly bit him and took off large pieces of his skin.

Through his defense attorney, Miller declared himself not guilty. Two new court dates were set, with the pre-trial date scheduled for August 30th, and the preliminary hearing to be held September 9th. The People cite evidence against Miller, including many media posts made by him in the past. Apparently, Miller sent the victim Snapchats of her and her mother walking while he dubbed the words “Satan Satan Satan” in the backround. Three different Twitter posts made by Jason were acknowledged as threatening to the victim, the first being “IF YOU ARE READING THIS WITH FEAR IN YOUR HEART, MAYBE’LL KILL YOU” His twitter name is cited as “Maybe,” and the defense stated that this could be directed at anybody, including Dana White (whom the court referred to as the “President of the WWF”). His second and third posts were “SOME PEOPLE PREFER PRISONERS OVER PARTNERS. IF THEY CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. CAN’T KILL MAYBE” and one simply stating “DIE DIE DIE” Regardless of who these posts were aimed at, they are hardly damning evidence.

Mayhem Miller’s alleged victim says that during the second assault case she was urinated on and choked until she fell on the floor, where she was punched and kicked viciously. In defense, Mayhem’s attorney stated that the victim was asked to leave the house, and Jason’s father witnessed her attacking Jason. At this point in the hearing, Judge Manssourian scolded Mayhem because he was making faces and nodding his head in every direction. The fighter apologized, explaining he is “an expressive person” and that he’s “an artist”.  The judge dismissed his statements, and advised him he is best served to be silent and allow his attorney to speak on his behalf.  The hearing continued and the People then suggested that the judge take into account the bruises and lacerations that the victim allegedly had. Mayhem’s defense replied that “the victim trains (in) MMA” as well, and would probably have those anyway. She did not go to the hospital or report these injuries the night of the conflict, instead opting to sleep at Jason’s house and report the event weeks later. It is also pointed out that not only does Jason have a restraining order against this woman, so do a few of her past boyfriends.

To end the proceedings, the District Attorney and Judge Manssourian stated that Miller’s tweets deem him a threat to society, to which Mayhem loudly replied “Judge, I am an artist!” He was quickly silenced by his defense attorney. The court placed a protective order on the victim, and banned Jason Miller from owning firearms. His bail was set for $100,000, and his pre-trial court date was established for August 30, 2013.

We will be following this case closely and keeping you SciFighters posted immediately as the information is released. How do you feel about all of this craziness? We want to know!


UPDATE: Tuesday 8/27/2013 3:26 PM – Mayhem Miller posted bail and has been released from custody.  See the details here!

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