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Dan Henderson’s Coach Wants Chael Sonnen to Train Hendo, Accuses Belfort of Hiding in Brazil Because of TRT


Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson are set to throw down on November 9, 2013 at UFC Fight Night 32. Interestingly, both fighters utilize Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), the controversial medical procedure that seems to be gaining steam in the UFC.

It seems both fighters have hit a roadblock though. Brazil’s WADA accredited testing facility was recently suspended, leaving them without a lot of time to apply for a therapeutic use exemption, and undergo the required tests.

Belfort would probably have an easier time in this regard, already having connections from his previous UFC fights in the country. In a recent interview with Tatame.com however, Dan Henderson’s coach Ricardo Feliciano says that if Henderson can’t get an exemption, Belfort shouldn’t be allowed to use TRT either.

“If Dan [Henderson] can’t use [TRT], so won’t Vitor! Vitor has already been caught in a doping exam and Dan hasn’t! Dan has been using it for a long time and I think he won’t have problems. I am sure Vitor won’t come to Vegas because here he won’t be permitted to use TRT as he has been using in fights in Brazil. That’s why he only fights there.”

If the fight doesn’t get derailed over the TRT issue, Henderson’s coach wants to bring in none other than Chael Sonnen to help with his fighter’s training.

“I want Chael Sonnen to come and help us, I even spoke with him. I like him and admire his qualities. I recommended Sonnen to Henderson and he liked the idea, but Sonnen just fought and we will give him some time. We like wrestling very much and I believe this is what makes the difference regarding the cardio.”

UFC Fight Night 32 will take place on November 9. It will air live on FOX Sports 1.