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UFC’s Miesha Tate Sends Lululemon Some Love, Shows Off Her “Assets”


Miesha Tate has been making the media rounds in preparation for her debut on “The Ultimate Fighter,” but she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to send some love in the direction of athletic apparel designer Lululemon on Instagram:

“Now I know why I love @lululemon ladies they make your but (sic) look awesome! I expect @rondarousey to go buy hers tomorrow

While we can’t disagree with her assessment, Lululemon’s appeal goes well beyond mere appearance. By utilizing creative new approaches to clothing design, they are able to make athletic apparel that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lululemon Athletica provides a number of high-tech fabrics to fit the needs of athletes and casual gym-goers alike, including their silverescent® line of apparel. By using silver threading in the design, the apparel is actually able to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fight off odor. Imagine attending your next jiu jitsu session, and not having to worry about your rolling partners thoughts on your hygiene. Lululemon features apparel for both men and women, and provide a full list of features on their website.