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Boston City Council Bans Minors, UFC Contests


Yesterday, the Boston City Council decided to ban spectators under the age of 16 from viewing a live UFC event without a parent. The resolution was unanimously approved, though its language is less stringent than the original proposal which banned those under the age of 18.Though this is a sad conclusion for the city to reach, Dana White was able to see the bright side, as he stated  “They come in and they do stuff like this and it just makes everything bigger. People that wouldn’t cover us here for this fight, everybody covered this fight because of what commissioner knucklehead was doing.”

Though it will more than likely not change the outcome, the UFC released a statement regarding this issue, and it states “The UFC organization finds it shocking that Councilor Murphy would present such a misleading document for consideration to the City Council. Councilor Murphy’s resolution demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about what mixed martial arts is, the amazing world-class athletes that compete in the sport, and the many benefits it brings to a community. There is clearly a reason why MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Consequently, it is unfortunate that Councilor Murphy’s actions caused the Boston city council to be manipulated by a union based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We would hope that the City Council, once it learns the truth about MMA and all of the positive aspects of the sport, would consider revoking this non-binding resolution.”

I do not believe this statement could be more perfectly written. They pulled no punches, calling out the Council for falling victim to an organization such as the Culinary Union, a connection which other groups might have been more hesitant to point out. I’m sure the age restriction will stay in place, which is a shame. Financially, I do not believe that the UFC relies on parentless 16 year olds to boost their live gate, and the organization will be just fine.

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