Home News Chael Sonnen Wants to Fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 167

Chael Sonnen Wants to Fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 167


Chael Sonnen is no stranger to big talk, and on a recent episode of Fox Sports Live, the always outspoken athlete once again called out Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen recorded a message for UFC president Dana White, which was played for White during his in-studio appearance on Fox. Despite his recent string of challenges and boasts, this message definitely takes the cake for the craziest one yet.

“Dana, it is no secret that I am the biggest draw and the highest paid athlete in the UFC. The only person that comes close to rivaling me is Georges St-Pierre, and as I see it, in November, when he takes on Johny Hendricks, live and in Las Vegas – tickets on sale now – he does not have a co-main event,” Sonnen said.

“I ask that you put me and Wanderlei Silva on that card,” he concluded.

The biggest draw? That’s a stretch considering athletes like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, both of whom dashed Sonnen’s title aspirations in the last year.

Still, Dana White sees it as a pretty valid match up, provided that Silva’s health is up to code.

“We’d do that fight, but I the question is I think that Wanderlei Silva is out until the beginning of the year,” White said. “So I’m not sure if he’s healthy, but if he’s healthy, I will definitely make that fight and I will definitely make it the co-main event.”

Silva was previously out due to issues with his sciatic nerve, but recently reported that he thinks he’s back in fight shape.

However, that wasn’t the end of the message. In true Sonnen fashion, he had to take it one step further.

“[Wanderlei] said last week publicly that he would bet $100,000 on Shogun against me,” Sonnen said. “I came out publicly and accepted that bet. He has yet to pay up.”

At the very least though, Sonnen seems to have good intentions.

“I am asking that $50,000 go to the Hire Heroes Foundation headed up by Brian Stann and the other $50,000 go to bombing victims of Boston,” he said. “I don’t know if he’s a welcher. I believe he will pay up. But either way, I ask you, Dana White, my plea to you, please put this fight together.”

The recent rivalry between Silva and Sonnen began after comments Sonnen made prior to his bout with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. After Sonnen’s submission victory this past weekend, it seems likely that the “Axe Murderer” is ready and willing to step in and avenge his teammate’s loss.