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Anderson Silva Says Rematch with Belfort is Unlikely

Photo by James Law for Heavy.com.

Ever since his 2011 loss at UFC 126, Vitor Belfort has been expressing his desire for a rematch with the former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. According to “The Spider” though, that’s not likely to happen.

Responding to the possibility of a rematch in the future, Silva told Brazilian outlet Combate that “I don’t think so.”

“What was supposed to be done was done,” he continued. “Of course, we are employees of the UFC, but I don’t like to fight against Brazilians. I don’t see that possibility.”

During their last confrontation, Silva defeated Belfort with a flawless front kick in the first round.

Belfort’s next match up will be against Dan Henderson in another rematch on November 9 at UFC Fight Night 32. Meanwhile, Anderson Silva will be having a part two of his own against Chris Weidman as he attempts to retake the middleweight title in December at UFC 168.