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EA Sports Gives Sneak Peak of New UFC Game


UFC fans and gamers alike have waited anxiously for an MMA game that combines their favorite fighters with graphics suited for a next-generation console. Yesterday, they got their wish as footage from EA Sports UFC was unveiled at Gamescon, the world’s largest trade fair for interactive games.

In the clip, Jon Jones and Alexander Gustaffson battle in what is the most realistic gameplay to date. EA’s new facial animation technology, EA SPORTS IGNITE, brings physical authenticity to their faces. High-resolution 3D head scans were made to mirror each fighter’s likeness.

Advanced features that you will find in EA Sports UFC include: precision movement, full body deformation, dynamic striking, MMAi, and strategic submission battles.

Full body deformation is a tool that affects the fighter’s flesh when they are touched. Their skin tone will change depending on the depth of their punches and the deepness of a submission. The precision Movement system eliminates unrealistic slipping and sliding and correlates muscle movement with the action being performed.

The most unique characteristic of EA Sports UFC is the MMAi system. Every fighter in the game will have goals and tendencies similar to those of their real life counterpart. It will be interesting to see if this takes a fighter’s age and MMA record into account.

While introducing the footage, Creative Director Brian Hayes states that the game is still in its “early days.” It that’s true, he just gave us another reason to buy a PlayStation 4.

EA Sports UFC is slated to hit store in Spring 2014.