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Urijah Faber and Michael McDonald Won’t Let Friendship Get in the Way of a Likely Fight


Despite a long history, it seems Urijah Faber and Michael McDonald are both willing to throw down if Dana White gives them the call, a match-up that seems increasingly likely after the events of Saturday’s Fight Night 26.

Both fighters found success that night, with Faber claiming a decision victory over Iuri Alcantara, and Michael McDonald besting Brad Pickett with a triangle choke.

Interestingly, the two live just an hour away from each other, and have known each other since MacDonald’s first fight at age 16.

“It’s been fun to watch the kid grow up and we’ve always had a pretty good relationship,” said Faber after Saturday’s event.

However, that relationship isn’t going to get in the way of both fighters’ bantamweight title aspirations.

“I definitely think it’s a fight that will probably happen,” Faber said. “I don’t make the matchups … but I don’t want to be getting hit with any three-piece combos from this kid. It’s definitely going to be a battle if it ever happens.”

McDonald is likewise ready and willing to step up and face his old friend.

“To me, this sport isn’t about having to hate people,” he said. “Brad is a good friend of mine, one of the good people you meet. There’s a few people you meet in this sport that are just good guys – Urijah’s a good guy. He’s been a friend of mine for a long time. Since my very first fight I’ve known him.”

“If it happens, it happens. Just like what happened with me and Brad Pickett,” he continued. “We touch gloves, and we beat the crap out of each other, [and] hopefully make some money. This is our job, and let’s do it. Whenever the time calls for it.”

Dana White, who’s had issues with fighters reluctant to fight their friends in the past, is more than happy to hear that.

“See that? That’s how it works,” he said.

Faber is currently coming off of a three fight winning streak, and currently holds a 29-6 overall record. He is ranked number two in the division, below champion Dominick Cruz and interim champion Renan Barao.

McDonald meanwhile recently dropped a bout to Barao, but previously held an impressive eight fight winning streak. He holds a 16-2 overall record, and is currently ranked at number three in the division.

A title unification bout between Cruz and Barao is expected to take place sometime next year, with the winner of Faber vs McDonald likely in line for the next title shot.