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UFC: Cole Miller Very Upset, Appealing Loss To Manny Gamburyan


“I just know that fighters can’t get two minutes between rounds because they can’t answer the bell when their head hurts due to a legal strike. That’s not the way the rules work. I can only hope that they see it my way and declare it a no contest.” Said UFC’s Cole Miller, on the subject of his decision loss to Manny Gamburyan. At the end of the first round, Cole stuffed a takedown and elbowed Manny in the head, dropping him as the bell rang. This bell signifies that the round is over, and if either man is unable to return to his corner than the fight is declared over. Well not only did Manny not return to his corner, he sat on the canvas holding his head for almost a minute before doctors checked him out. Two minutes after the supposed one minute break between rounds, Manny finally returned to action despite the fact that the unified rules should have had him losing by TKO.

Cole Miller plans to appeal the loss at an upcoming Sept. 12 meeting of the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission. In regards to the whole situation, Miller stated “It was just real odd. The referee didn’t give any indication the fight was over, he also didn’t signal it was a foul. I looked at Manny and then the ref to see what was going on. I had my hand on Manny in a sportsmanlike way to sort of encourage the process and get things moving. A referee doesn’t have to say if a strike is legal, a referee has to say if a strike was illegal,” he continued. “No indication was made, but after the fight, the strike was deemed legal. The referee said it was a legal strike. To me, I’ve seen the footage and they all seem to indicate a legal strike.” Though this is valid reasoning, and in a perfect world this case would be overturned, these things happen all the time in MMA and the commissions seldom change the result of a fight.