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Dana White Says UFC Will Return to Boston After All


It’s been less than a week since UFC president Dana White’s tirade on the trouble his promotion went through to get a show off the ground in Boston. At the end of it all, it seemed that White had concluded it wasn’t worth the stress, making it unlikely that the UFC would return to the city in the near future.

At the time, White stated that Boston is a, “great place to go hang out with my friends and eat, but not a great place to put on fights.”

Luckily for Boston fans though, it seems that he has changed his mind.

“I love this city. It’s a great city. It’s a great sports town,” White said at a post-event press conference. “All the things that were said this week leading up to this fight, I wasn’t talking about the athletic commission here.”

White is of course referring to the Culinary Union that is currently waging a war of attrition against the UFC’s parent company Zuffa. In the weeks leading up to Fight Night 26, the union attempted to have Chael Sonnen’s license to compete revoked, as well as trying to have minors banned from attending the event.

It seems in hindsight though, White actually appreciates the added publicity the union’s antics gave the event.

“I love when these guys come out and do stuff like this,” White said. “My media schedule got even bigger. And it didn’t just last one day, it lasted four days.

“These guys, they come in and they do stuff like this and it just makes everything bigger,” he continued. “People that wouldn’t cover us here for this fight, everybody covered this fight because of what Commissioner Knucklehead was doing. This guy comes out and was doing what he was doing and it created a lot more awareness for the UFC.”

“Everybody that I came into contact with here in Boston had heard about what was going on,” he concluded. “Then you know we’re in town. So, I would just like to thank all my friends at the union for really helping us with the PR push this week. It was a huge success and I can’t thank you all enough.”

White’s change of heart makes sense from a financial stand-point. UFC Fight Night 26 drew in an audience of over 12,500 for a total gate of $1.53 million. The televised program wasn’t a pushover either, finding 1.78 million viewers.