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‘Ninja’ Points Towards ‘Shady People’ in ‘Shogun’s Camp as the Reason He Lost


In a shocking turn of events, Chael Sonnen handed Mauricio “Shogun” Rua a first round submission defeat this past weekend, giving Rua the first back-to-back loss of his career. What went wrong? Poor preparation? Injuries? Bad luck? In a recent interview, his brother Murilo “Ninja” Rua has pointed a finger towards “shady people” in Shogun’s camp as the reason why he lost.

“I was surprised,” Rua said to MMA Fighting. “In my opinion, Mauricio played the wrong game. He should’ve moved more to avoid the takedowns. Fighting on half guard against a wrestler isn’t a good strategy. He should have brought Chael to his guard when he got taken down, tried to sweep him or land some punches. But Sonnen got his neck, unfortunately.”

“He has a lot of shady persons around him, people trying to take advantage of him,” he continued. “People from his camp said I wasn’t good for Mauricio because I made him nervous when I was on his corner, and he listened to that, so I decided to leave. If something is wrong I would point it out, I wouldn’t just lie to please him.”

It’s true that Shogun has changed coaches and training teams multiple times during his UFC stint, and so far, it’s led him to mixed success in the promotion, racking up a 5-6 record. With this loss, the former UFC and Pride champion will drop at least a few spots on the light heavyweight Top Ten, if he manages to stay on it at all.

Perhaps it’s time Shogun takes a good, hard look at the people he’s surrounded himself with. After all, who knows him better than his brother?