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Jon Jones Wants to Become an Actor, Looking to Emulate The Rock


Jon Jones is easily one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the entire world right now, and his dominating streak does not look like it’s about to end anytime soon. Still, Jones is looking towards the future, and while defending his UFC title is his main focus right now, he knows he can’t do this forever.

Jones feels like a move to Hollywood might be the right direction for him once he’s done as a competitive athlete. He sees the former WWE wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a good role model in this regard.

“I’d like to model my acting career on Dwayne Johnson, the way he came out of [WWE] and started off tough guy roles and then moved over to doing ‘Tooth Fairy,'” Jones said during a UFC World Tour press conference. “That’s when you really saw that he could act, and he’s the one I admire and respect a lot, so I know I’d love to model my acting career after [him].”

While Jones still has a number of years in the octagon ahead of him, he’s making early preparations for his eventual career shift. The fighter has met with representatives at a number of Hollywood studios, and the reaction so far has been very positive.

“Those meetings went great,” Jones said. “I realize that they see that I have a little bit of character on me, and with the right training, I could possibly be in some movies in the future. As an entertainer, I think acting is one of the highest levels you can get, and right now, I’m doing pretty well in my field, which is the martial arts world. To branch out a little bit and get my feet wet there and maybe prepare myself for a career after this career, I think it’s all part of the plan.”

Jones isn’t taking this lightly though, and plans on training for his acting career as hard as he works his fight game.

“I’ll definitely take a lot of classes,” he said.

If he does decide to go this route, he’ll be following in the footsteps of a number of athletes before him including Gina Carano, Randy Couture, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Jones is currently the youngest UFC champion in the history of the promotion, and with just one more win, he will also become the organization’s most successful light heavyweight fighter. With an 18-1 record (his only loss comes from a DQ), Jones has absolutely dominated his division since entering the MMA world in 2008.

The 24-year old fighter has also proven to be just as savvy in the business world as he is in the cage, becoming the first MMA fighter to be sponsored by Nike on an international scale, and also the first to have his own shoe line. It seems likely that with his charisma, athleticism, and work ethic, he’ll have just as much success outside of MMA as he’s had inside of the sport.

His next match will be a title defense against Alexander Gustafsson on September 21 at UFC 165.