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UFC: Will Uriah Hall Get Cut Following Second Loss?


There have been a few major prospects to emerge from “The Ultimate Fighter,” but never before had a contestant received the level of hype as Uriah Hall. Before he even competed in the season finale, there were plenty of voices within the MMA community calling for him to be fast-tracked to a title fight against Anderson Silva. Hell, some even had him pegged as the future greatest of all time. Kelvin Gastellum seemed to be the only thing standing between him and greatness. As it turns out, Hall may just be his own worst enemy.

After a lackluster showing in the TUF finale, many were willing to excuse his performance as the result of too much too soon. He admitted afterward that his own positive feelings towards his opponent made it difficult to seal the deal, and the spotlight cast on him may have been a tad too bright for such a raw talent. After all, his UFC debut was just his 10th professional fight, and his two prior losses came at the hands of current top-10 UFC middleweight Costa Philippou and middleweight champion Chris Weidman. This was the guy that landed the most stunning spinning hook kick knockout in UFC history! He made a terrifying run through the TUF house! Surely the finale was just a rough night for him.

Maybe not.

In Hall’s second UFC fight against veteran John Howard, a disturbing trend began to emerge. His physical gifts were on display, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to change the contest from a sparring match to an actual fight. He and Howard frequently high-fived each other, seemingly oblivious to the audience’s reaction, and never once did he exhibit the killer that he instinct displayed on the show. He threw a few spinning kicks with bad intentions, but never threatened with anything combinations or attempted to exert his will. It seemed that once again Hall’s affinity for his opponent prevented him from doing what it took to further his own career.

The UFC should make their intentions clear later this week, but it wouldn’t be all too shocking to hear Hall’s name listed amongst those who’s ties to the promotion have been cut. His potential is clear, but if he is to have any consistent success he will have to sit down and re-evaluate the mental state of his game. It would be a shame to see his star burn out so soon, and we at SciFighting hope he receives one last chance to get his head back in the game.