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WWE Gives BJJ to Entice MMA Audience


Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar faced fellow WWE wrestler and avid BJJ student CM Punk, and the two had themselves a little jiu jitsu match in the WWE last night. Following a predetermined feud that had gone on for ages, including a previous brawl with thai knees thrown by Brock and standing elbows by Punk, the men finally settled their scripted differences in the ring.

Lesnar got his man to the ground and looked to lock up a kimura, but after the attempt failed Brock pulled guard. CM Punk passed to half guard, before hilariously stepping out to go for an armbar. Brock stacked Punk and found himself locked into a tight triangle, which he slammed his way out of the way Rampage slammed Arona. This was the end of the gut-busting jiu jitsu sequence.

CM Punk has worn a Gracie Jiu Jitsu sweatshirt in the WWE before, and actually trains with Rener Gracie. Brock on the other hand trained jiu jitsu under Rodrigo Medeiros, a seven time world champion black belt. It’s obvious that these men know what they are doing on the mat, but put simply it was very awkward to watch a scripted BJJ match in the WWE, and it raises questions about where that promotion is going. They are evolving with the times by showing the influence of MMA and the UFC on their product, but you have to wonder whether they are simply entertaining their audience or creating new UFC fans. It remains to be seen whether catering to the same demographic will hurt their cause.