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UFC: Dana White Says Nick Diaz vs Lyoto Machida is a No-Go, Machida Wants to Fight Sonnen Next


It seems the much discussed middleweight fight between Nick Diaz and Lyoto Machida will not be happening after all. UFC president Dana White announced the possibility a few days ago, revealing that he had approached both fighters about the potential weight class move.

Obviously, this started a lot of talk; not only because of the weight difference between the two fighters, but also because Nick Diaz is reportedly still retired.

It seems neither of those concerns will make much of a difference now though, as White has reported that the bout will not be happening. After UFC Fight Night 26 on Saturday, White confirmed the news to reporters.

“That was a bad idea,” he stated. “The Diaz-Machida thing… I’m going to throw [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva under the bus again. That was Joe Silva’s idea. It was a bad idea.”

White did confirm that it wasn’t Diaz’s refusal of the fight that canned the idea, although his statement was less than clear.

“Diaz didn’t turn it down,” he said. “There’s other things going on with Diaz.”

White did not elaborate on what these “other things” are.

With Diaz still retired, and Vitor Belfort seemingly wary to accept another non-title fight, things are uncertain for Machida’s next move, although he recently expressed an interest in facing Chael Sonnen following Sonnen’s recent victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

“since @vitorbelfort hasn’t accepted our fight, i am sure that @danawhite can match me against @sonnench,” Machida tweeted on Saturday.

Dana White has not officially replied, but stated that he would take another look at the situation after returning from a vacation to Maine.