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Boston City Council President: “UFC Teaches Kids to Rape”


The president of the Boston City Council, Stephen Murphy, has significantly upped the ante in his attacks on the UFC, going as far as stating that they are “teaching kids how to rape.” He went as far as sponsoring a resolution that would seek to prevent anyone under the age of 18 attending a live event.

Such a statement may sound absurd on its face, but what the misinformed councilor is referring to is an incident that took place over a year ago, and involved a fighter that isn’t even on the UFC’s current roster. With one fight left on his contract, a disgruntled Quentin “Rampage” Jackson took to Youtube to create something so offensive that it would lead to his release.

While it was certainly offensive, the UFC did not take the bait, and held Rampage to his end of the contract. A tough loss against Glover Teixeira would be his last hurrah with the organization, and he will next be headlining Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view card. It would seem that if Mr. Murphy’s anger should be pointed toward Viacom, if anywhere. To say that an entire organization of fighters should be barred from competing within his town due to the poor judgement of an individual that is no longer even associated with the promotion is ludicrous.

Let’s be clear: Mr. Murphy has no problem whatsoever with the practicing of mixed martial arts. In fact, in the very same interview, he states “It’s (MMA) great for discipline, physical training and these guys are athletes. On one level, it’s really professional. It’s the level that I’m talking about, the social behavior, the anti-social behavior.” Right. So no problem with the violence, no problem with kids training in MMA, but a juvenile can’t attend the live event, and the promotion better not come to his town and generate any money for the city! Politics at its finest.