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Is Chael Sonnen Next For Dana White’s UFC President Position?


For years now, the Mixed Martial Arts community has questioned who could possibly replace Dana White as UFC president when he decides to step down. The man has led this promotion out of the dark ages, and been there since the beginning. He has always had a personality fit for good television, as he is the perfect mix of vulgar and professional. He knows every little facet of this industry, and he never misses a step. This question has bothered me for years now, until the pieces started coming together. If nobody else has a good answer to the question of who will fill Dana’s chair when he is gone, than I have a proposition. Chael Sonnen recently stated that he would like to buy the WWE when he retires. There is no doubt in my mind that Chael could run that company. His personality is that of a manufactured WWE character, who learned how to actually kick ass. That venture did not turn out to be worth Sonnen’s time, as the pro wrestling promotion stated that he may only buy stocks, and the promotion is not for sale. But what might be worth Chael’s time, is to take Dana White’s position of UFC president when he steps down.

“The Peoples Champion” has the perfect amount of charisma and know-how to run a promotion. He has business experience, as he runs his own restaurant. He has also shown to be more than qualified to act as a professional in front of a camera, which the UFC shows confidence in, as they have him hosting all sorts of MMA talk shows. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know about Chael, is that he was a Republican candidate for the 37th district of the Oregon House Of Representatives in 2010. Politically he would be ready for such a role. Many legendary fighters who retire from the UFC are given important jobs within the organization, and I do not think it to be entirely ludicrous to imagine a polarizing figure like Chael Sonnen, taking up the position of UFC president. Mark my word folks. You heard it here first.