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FACE THE PAIN! Terrible UFC Intro Song Just Won’t Die


Metal band Stemm’s “Face the Pain” has been the intro song to every UFC event since 2002. According to the president of the UFC, regardless of how hard everybody is trying to get MMA to be seen by the general public as a legitimate cultured sport, Dana White says the song is not going anywhere. “They can mute their television” He said when talking about fans watching from home who do not like the song. “It’s like retiring Bruce Buffer saying, ‘It’s time. You’d have to go out and find another piece that fit and was perfect and license it and go through all this crazy s–t, you know what I mean? It works. What genre do you go with? I see the same things you see on the Internet, this nu-death metal or whatever the hell they call it, And it doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into or what you like or what you think. When you’re in that arena and that thing goes off, it’s like, ‘Goddamn, there’s going to be a fight tonight. It really does get you fired up.” Says Dana White, and only nobody else ever. I don’t know about you guys, but when that song plays at my house, and I have people over who I am trying to introduce to the sport, that song does not make it any easier for me to convince them they are about to watch anything professional. I guess all of us are just going to have to “Face the Pain” because it looks like this UFC trademark is not going anywhere.