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UFC’s Dana White on the Culinary Union: “They’re Nasty, Dirty… F**k Them,” and Other Pre-Fight Press Conference Highlights


With just two days remaining before the UFC’s debut on Fox Sports 1, the anticipation was in the air at the pre-fight press conference. You can check out the full conference video here on SciFighting.com, or enjoy some of the highlights below. As the title indicates, Dana White had plenty to say about the creeping influence of the Nevada Culinary Union. Stay with us all weekend long as we provide full coverage of UFC Fight Night 29 on Saturday Night, live on Fox Sports 1, featuring a main event between Chael Sonnen and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

Dana White on the influence of the Culinary Union

“Its one thing if you want to go in and try to start a union, and you talk to employees about starting a union, but these guys resort to dirty tactics by going after a company and a sport, and trying to affect other people’s livelihood. There’s 475 guys on this roster that make a living for their family, there’s 250 employees at Zuffa, and that’s not including all the people we hire in all the different countries and states we go to, and most of them are union members. So they’re trying to affect the livelihood of all these other people to get what they want, which is Station Casinos, which would be another $10 million a year to them, and they’re spending their union members’ dues to try to hurt another company or to stop a sport from coming to a city like this or New York, and the list goes on and on… fuck them.”

Chael Sonnen on why people should tune in on Saturday:

“Why should they watch on Saturday? Well that’s when the fight is. If you try to watch it Friday you’re going to look like a dufus, and if you tune in on Sunday you’re going to look like a Johnny-come-late-late. That’s why we’re doing this whole promotion, because the fight is on Saturday, and that’s why they should watch it then.”

Joe Lauzon on his Fight of the Night Bonuses:

“I don’t go out there expecting bonuses. I just don’t know any other way to fight.”

Chael Sonnen on how the Shogun bout was made:

“I haven’t had a big wish to fight Shogun. “Little Nerd” said he was going to do this fight, pulled out like he always does, coincidently after the press releases, posters, and free marketing all got done. You know, I’m from a different time. I’m from a time where your word meant something. I’m from a time where you sign a contract, and you show up for work whether you feel like it or not. This guy called in sick, like he always does, three weeks in advance. Nobody sitting out there today could call their boss and say “hey boss, three weeks from now I’m not going to feel good.” It can’t happen. He comes out two days ago, and says he wants to fight Shogun. Well listen genius, you could have fought Shogun. You could have fought him in Winnipeg when you gave your word to the fans, to the promotion, and to Shogun that you would fight him.”

Stay tuned for more UFC Fight Night 29 coverage.