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Chael Sonnen Ready To Referee Silva vs Weidman II – Will “Whip Shoguns A**”


In a recent interview with Chael Sonnen, Ariel Helwani coaxed the three time title challenger into saying more than a mouthful of fantastic quotes. Always well spoken, and sometimes respectful, Chael told the world that he is putting in a request to ref the second fight between Anderson Silva and new champion Chris Weidman “Im unbiased, and as a journalist you probably know I’m putting in an application, Im going to try and get my referees license. I’m hoping to officiate that match. You know whether they assign me to that match or not, if reffed plenty of fights in plenty of different jurisdictions, and I’m applying for that one in Nevada. To get the main event it will be tough unless i can work a show or two before then in Nevada, and I actually don’y know what the schedule is there, but to referee yeah of course.” Immediately after, Sonnen is asked if he has anything to say to Kieth Kizer about why he should be refereeing this fight, to which he responds “No no no, i don’t want to make a pitch, he knows exactly what he’s doing, theres great refs out there and you brought it up and i want to ref it. Im sure every other ref does too, but I’m putting my name in.

While Chael has been very respectful towards Shogun leading up to this fight, and stated that he has actually been inspired by Shogun a few times in his career, this did not stop him from letting the world know “whether I like him or don’t like him has nothing to do with it. I’m going to fight as hard as I possibly can fight for the whole time we’re out there. If his skills are better than mine, than good for him. He’s not gunna upset me, and he’s not gunna make me happy either. Im going to whip his ass either way.” Chael tells us that he would like to fight Wanderlei Silva next, but he will more than likely get paired with Vitor Belfort instead.