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Chael Sonnen Wants a “Trilogy” Rematch with Anderson Silva


Generally, fight “trilogies” occur when the two competitors each have a win against each other, and a third match is needed to break the tie. Apparently though, Chael Sonnen doesn’t see it that way. In a recent Fight Night 26 press conference, Sonnen stated that he would like another crack at the former middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

If Anderson beats Chris Weidman, they’ll go into a rubber match, but I want to fight Anderson either way, regardless of the title,” he said. “I don’t accept the outcome of either of those matches.”

Considering he was finished in both of his fights with Silva, once by TKO and once by submission, I’m not entirely sure why he doesn’t accept them. Sonnen added though that it’s not about the belt, he just really wants to fight Anderson Silva.

“We can fight; it doesn’t have to be for a belt,” he said. “I don’t always chase titles around. I wanted to fight Jon Jones. He just happened to have the title. I want to fight Anderson Silva whether he’s got the belt or not. I’d like to fight him right now.”

Sonnen will face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua next at this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 26. Silva meanwhile will be paired with Chris Weidman in a title fight rematch at the end of the year.




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