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World’s Best Female MMA Fighter Takes Muay Thai Fight

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Widely regarded in the Mixed Martial Arts Community as the best female MMA fighter on the planet, Invicta featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino (formerly Santos) has announced that she will be taking a Muay Thai bout on September 20, 2013, where she will face Martina Jindrova at Lion Fights 11.  Apparently this fight came about when Cyborg announced that she would be going to Thailand for a Muay Thai fight, which then fell through. She stated “I was set to fight at Thailand and the event was postponed, but some promoters saw that I wanted that and contacted my managers. I don’t fight Muay Thai since my early days in Brazil, when I started fighting MMA. But I love to fight and compete everywhere. I fought a few times in some small events in Brazil, mostly between Chute Boxe franchises in Curitiba. It usually took me a long time between MMA fights so I wanted to stay active and competing,”

Jindrova is no easy fight for Cyborg to walk into after not competing in Muay Thai for over 5 years, a she is a champion in boxing and kickboxing. Cyborg knows this will no small tasks, and says “she only fights in Muay Thai, so that gives her an advantage, I saw some of her fights yesterday. She has a very traditional Muay Thai, so I will have to set up a good game plan to defeat her.” But Cyborg is not discouraged. She says that she has never stopped training Muay Thai and loves getting punched in the face. So that’s good. The fans can only hope the best for our MMA representative in this fight, and it should be entertaining if nothing else.
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