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Bellator: Chandler Thinks Alvarez Should Bring A Baseball Bat To Rematch


Is the rematch between Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez going to look similar to the first fantastic brawl between the two? Not a chance says Chandler. In fact, he believes it will be much quicker stating:

“My goal is to go out there and finish him a lot quicker than the last fight, I don’t think this fight is going to be as highly contested as it was the first time. I’ve gotten a ton better.”

Which he has. Chandler has finished three opponents since the two men met at Bellator 58. In fact, two of Chandler’s fights since then have not even lasted a minute. Though Alvarez has also been impressive in his two fights since, he has not looked remarkably better every time he steps into the cage in the way that the undefeated Chandler has. Bellator finally has its star, as Chandler is treated extremely well and intends to stay champion there for a long time. He is letting the world know now, that he is extremely confident heading into this rematch. He told MMAJunkie.com “I absolutely think I hold the striking advantage  I think Alvarez threw every single thing he had at me, so I think he’s got that in the back of his mind. He’s going to need to bring a baseball bat into that cage to get me on the ground. That’s the confidence that I have. The speed of my hands has gotten faster. I think the power of my hands has gotten harder, has increased, and it’s just the confidence that I bring into the cage. I’m not going to say that I hold the advantage anywhere, but I think I am the better fighter now, two years later especially.”

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