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UFC: Cub Swanson Warns McGregor “You better watch your damn mouth”


Conor McGregor is probably the hottest and most promising addition to the UFC roster in a long time. He is a brash Irishman with a cannon for a mouth, and even bigger cannons for hands. After twelve wins outside of the octagon all by knockout and TKO in the first and second round, he was scooped up by the UFC. After quickly dispatching Marcus Brimage by TKO a minuet and seven seconds into the first round, Conor called out Cub Swanson using the media. Cub was not happy when he heard this, and responded on the MMA Roasted podcast stating “I like the kid, I really see a future for him in the UFC because he is talented. But he runs his mouth and you’ve got to be careful when you do that. For some reason he decided to take a shot at me. I’m a fan of many fighters but as soon as they start looking at me the fighter in me comes out and I’m like, ‘You better watch your damn mouth’. That would be a fight that I would love to do once he makes a name for himself but right now he is still a nobody. If he lives up to the hype he can fight me down the road but for now he has to fight somebody in the top ten first.”

While Cub Swanson is not out of line with this statement, and it is true that McGregor has not established much fame outside of Ireland, Conor has shown himself to be an absolute handful for anybody. He is pure violence in a cage, and we are all very lucky we get to see him compete against Max Holloway this Saturday.

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