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UFC: Vitor Belfort vs Lyoto Machida Rumored For November 9th In Brazil

Brazilian source Combate has confirmed that the UFC is in talks to put together a bout between Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida November 9th in Brazil. Though neither man could confirm they have been contacted about the bout by the worlds leading MMA organization, they both stated that they would take the fight if it is offered to them. Belfort is sticking to his guns, refusing to take another fight at middleweight if it is not a title fight, so this will have to be at light heavyweight or a catchweight of somewhere around 190 pounds.
Though this fight can only really be confirmed as a rumor at this point, it does seem very likely that it will be made. Lyoto and Belfort are talked about as one of a few matches to be made for either man very often in the MMA community. It is said that this fight will take place in Brazil, where it would be extremely successful. I for one am extremely excited. This match is compelling, it promises fireworks, either man could take the win in a heartbeat.  We have two strikers who prefer to keep the fight on the feet. Vitor has a very forward approach, some of the quickest hands in the UFC, and easily the most dangerous striker Lyoto will have ever faced. Machida is known for his countering style, and backpedaling. If Vitor chooses to blitz in this fight, he may be successful as Shogun Rua was when he chose to plod forward against the Kareteka, or he may walk right into a counter the way Ryan Bader did when he was defeated by The Dragon. It is also little known that Vitor Belfort avidly trains Shotokan Karate with world class Karate competitor Jayme Sandall, so he will be very familiar with Lyoto’s style.