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GSP Will Pay For His Own PED Tests Before UFC 167


As with pretty much every dominant athlete, Georges St. Pierre is under constant scrutiny for the possibility of steroid use. Unlike most fighters though, GSP is taking the accusations remarkably well. Instead of lashing out against his critics, he’s using this as an opportunity to prove that he’s the real deal.

According to MMAfighting.com, GSP will use a portion of his next fight purse to pay for VADA testing for both himself and his challenger Johny Hendricks. VADA, or the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, is an Olympic-style drug testing program designed for boxing and MMA.

“One reporter asked me if I would be willing to be tested. I said yes, I would be willing to be tested with VADA,” GSP stated. “I believe that VADA is the best anti-doping agency in the world. And I’m willing to be tested. You cannot be against [it].”

“I’m ready to pay [for our testing] myself, because I’m the champion,” he added. “All from my purse, I paid for the tests because I’m the champion. That’s why I’m ready, I’m ready to do it. That’s a point I want to make … I wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of my career. Of course it sucks. They can come anytime, you have to give your address and then [VADA representatives come] in the morning. It sucks. But it’s my sport and it could be an inconvenience of my job, I’ll do it no problem.”

GSP has been accused of utilizing performance enhancing drugs on multiple occasions, although it is important to note that he has never tested positive for them.

“A lot of people accuse me,” he said. For me, when they accuse me, I take that as a compliment. I believe they compliment my athleticism. I want to prove also that it’s possible to be champion without using drugs, and I know VADA is the most professional, it is the best for that.”

Most recently, Nick Diaz threw out a fairly baseless accusation on Sportsnet Radio saying, “I believe [GSP] is on plenty of steroids, and I don’t think they test around here, either.”

“I doubt I’ll be tested,” he continued. “I don’t care what they’re saying or marketing to the media — and if so, he’s probably got a bottle of p–s in his pocket. I doubt they’re standing over him making sure he’s not on steroids.”

GSP’s next bout will take place at UFC 167. He will defend his welterweight title against Johny Hendricks, and will be looking to continue an 11 fight winning streak.