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UFC’s Chael Sonnen: “There will be no feeling out. When they say go, we’ll go”


Today’s UFC fight night press call found Cheal Sonnen to be the main target of the media. Having recently changed gyms in the critical stage of his training camp, he was asked why he would do such a thing. He let everyone know that it was not because he wanted to, but his gym had actually shut down due to his trainers personal health issues. Sonnen spent the rest of his camp at UFC fighter Mark Munoz’s gym, Reign MMA. He also let the media know that his main motivation to go back to 185 is his chase of Wanderlei Silva, who he has heckled for years now. He says “Shogun may not be the guy i’m after, but a few of his friends are!” Other than viciously hounding Wanderlei, Cheal is after Vitor Belfort at any weight it has to happen at. As his fighting style has shown again and again, Cheal runs right at his opponent at the bell, and says this fight will be no different “I will be going straight ahead, and he will too. When they say go, we’ll go. We both have our skills, and you can’t play around in a main event. There will be no feeling out.”  He also states that he would like to fight Anderson Silva again, regardless of a belt.

Cheal Sonnen has flourished on the media side of MMA, hosting shows and appearing on UFC talk shows with other analysts. Because of this, he was asked if that makes it easier to leave MMA when the time comes, or if it pushes him to make that decision sooner than later. He quickly shot down that notion stating “I haven’t reached my goals. They change constantly, aside from championship fights, there are guys i just wanna fight. I don’t have a lot of friends, so the gym’s social atmosphere is nice. I’m impressed by guys who extend their career. I admire them. If you’re healthy and you love doing something than keep doing it. I will stay in this sport to long.” He also revealed what a fan he is of the sport, when he told reporters that he doesn’t care much to be paid for covering it, “I think Dana White is one of the smartest guys i know. I told them, i don’t want a raise until you make me work. I could talk about this sport all day. People are simply fooled into thinking that this is a job for me. I can hardly focus on Shogun because i’m so excited for the fights on this card. Everyone’s talking about Mcgregor (who is fighting the same night) he is receiving praise from people who don’t normally give praise. Even that jerk Michael Bisping has good things to say about him.”

So that’s that. It appears that MMA fans need not worry about getting their dose of Cheal Sonnen, because apparently he plans to stay “Too Long”, and even after he retires it is a sure thing that he will stick around in the MMA media for years to come.